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Kay Care Agency

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Welcome to
Kay Care Agency

Kay Care Agency is a privately owned company built to provide personalised care and support to adults and elderly clients.

What Services We offer

A dependable, compassionate presence you can trust. We are called to care

Senior Home & Live-In Care Services

Our team of skilled healthcare professionals provide home and live-in elderly services to help manage and coordinate recovery at home.
Each client's needs are different, we recognise this and tailor our services to suit your needs. At Kay Care Agency, we meet the needs of modern society for a direct and affordable alternative to residential or nursing homes.

Home Care

Medicine, incontinence management and many more.

Live-in Care

Support to keep you comfortable and independent at home.


Assistance with all other matters such as companionship, reading, writing etc.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost.

Your loved one's unique wishes and what makes them happy.

Share Your Stories. Inspire Others.

Join our movement to make the world a better place for seniors - we are called to care.
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